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Extra services

It is a possibility of buying meal deals for organized groups and breakfasts for individual guests in a nearby restaurant

Breakfast must be ordered on the day before the service.

Local tours
We offer individual tours as well as assistance in organizing group tours. The main directions are the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Szlak Papieski, Szlak Orlich Gniazd.. Details HERE.
Information about dates and prices available at the Reception.

Inside of property, without the possibility of entering unwanted people from the street.

Car: 30 PLN/day, 5 PLN/hour
Little bus: 55 PLN/day, 6 PLN/hour




§ 1

  1. This regulations are defining the principles of using unguarded paid parking spaces 24 hour monitored, hereinafter referred to as the Car Park, being in the management board of the Saint Simon's House from Lipnica, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator. This Regulations are in force from 31 March 2016
  2. The user of the Car Park is the natural person using the Car Park indeed (the person driving  the moment of entry or the leaving of the car park or the owner of the vehicle).
  3. An allocated area is a parking space on the area stewarded by the Saint Simon's House intended to the parking of the vehicle.

§ 2

  1. Once a guest has entered the Car Park payment is required as outlined in the rules and regulations.
  2. Once the guest has left the Car Park, he/she will no longer be charged
  3. To avail of the car park each guest is required to abide by the car park rules and regulations as set out by management
  4. Guests are not allowed park in spaces that are booked by management
  5. Please make sure your parking card is visible behind the windscreen. Do not park in the spaces that are not managed by Saint Simon's House

§ 3

  1. The Car Park is paid, unguarded, monitored 24 hour by cameras, active 24/7, in all days in the year. Entry and the leaving of the car park are possible in 7.00 - 23.00.
  2. The administrator has exclusively a right to decide on the lock and for opening the Car Park in dates established by oneself, as well as can make decisions on periodic excluding the Car Park from the use or the change of the opening time of the car park.

§ 4

  1. On the area of the Car Park:
a) Are valid the principles of the traffic included in the act  from 20 June 1997, Law on the road traffic (Journal of Laws from 2005, No. 108,  pos. 908 as amended),
b) Parking vehicles outside places fixed for parking the Saint Simon's House for Guests is forbidden,
c) Obliged applying to the speed limit up to 10 km/h,
d) Obliged to the ruthless no entry for vehicular traffic of vehicles transporting flammable materials, to create gobbling, explosive and other similar materials and substances being able of threatening for persons and possessions, except for vehicles, with which the Administrator gave consent to such parking,
e) The Vehicle after placing on the parking space should be eimmobilised, to have an excluded ignition, lights, closed windows, a door and a boot; the User is obliged to exclude broadcasting devices left in the vehicle,
f) The User of the Vehicle on his own is securing his vehicle with  before the theft.

§ 5

  1. Entry to the Car Park is taking place after reporting this fact of the reception of the Saint Simon's House through available outside the gate entryphone.
  2. Directly after the slip road to premises of the Saint Simon's House User is obliged to pay a fee for the car park at the reception desk of the House according to the available price list at the reception desk.
  3. Regulations are publicly accessible and at the reception desk also on the website
  4. In case of the lost parking card one User should pay a parking fee of the amount determined in the price list.

§ 6

  1. The User of the vehicle is responsible for all caused damage Managing and for third parties on the area of the Car Park.

§ 7

  1. The Car Park isn't a manned car park. The administrator isn't bearing responsibility for any damage incurred in the result of a calculation of the force majeure (e.g. of effects of strong gale, wind, downpour, rain), of the theft, damage or damaging vehicles being found in the Car Park, as well as in them left to the thing or constituting them equipment.
  2. A responsibility is being excluded for the dministrator on account of damages of communications concerning vehicles and persons using the car park and caused by action of Users or third parties.

§ 8

  1. In case of infringing of decisions in this regulations by the User the Administrator can terminate the tenancy agreement of the parking space without notice with immediate effect and apply centres essential to restore the harmonious state with regulations in it also by removing the vehicle from the Car Park.
  2. In determined cases in the par. 1 User is obliged to cover all costs associated with the removal of vehicle from the Car Park and with protecting him and storing until the receipt of the vehicle by the User.
  3.  Additionally the Administrator is authorised to remove the vehicle from the Car Park in the time becoming known of the sudden and justified threat.
  4. In case of not-making the payment, the Administrator can take all heading agents of substantiating of the fact of entering into an agreement the lease of the parking space and seeking the amount due based on general provisions.

§ 9

  1. The inspection of meeting the conditions of the tenancy agreement of the parking space is being conducted in the entire Car Park by persons authorised by the Administrator.
  2. Users have a duty of the compliance to orders issued by persons listed in act 1.

§ 10

        All complaints and applications associated with using parking spaces should be fold at the reception desk of the Saint Simon's House

Our House values your cooperation with regards to our rules and regulations, which will ensure your safety throughout your stay with us.