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Who was St. Simon of Lipnica

St. Simon of Lipnica (born between 1438 and 1440 in Lipnica, died July 18th, 1482 in Cracow) - Polish saint of the Catholic Church, presbyter, priest of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor (OFM) - Observants. St. Simon’s parents, Anna and Gregory, even though they were not wealthy, tried to provide him the best possible education. In 1454 Simon began (and in 1457 graduated) liberal studies at the Academy of Cracow, obtaining the title of Bachelor.

On September 8th, 1453 St. John Capistran founded Cracow's first monastery of St. Bernardine of Siena in Poland. Probably while under the influence of his ardent sermons, in 1457 Simon, as did many other young people at the time, joined the Bernardine Order. After the novitiate under the guidance of Fr. Christopher of Varese, he made his first vows in 1458.
After completing his theological studies, Simon received priestly ordination in 1460/1462. At the beginning, he served as Superior of the Tarnów Convent. Then he moved to Stradom, where he devoted himself to the preaching of sermons, known for his clarity and wisdom. Like St. Bernardine of Siena and St. John Capistran, Fr. Simon was worshiping the name of Jesus, converting many sinners. In 1463, as the first of the Friars Minor, he became a religious and catholic preacher at the Wawel Cathedral in Cracow - for which he was given the title of praedicatorferventissimus. In religious life he was characterized by the severity of life. He worshiped the Blessed Sacrament, the Mother of God and Jesus' Name.

With the intention of honoring St. Bernardine of Siena, on May 17, 1472, he arrived to L’Aquila with a number of confreres from Poland to take part in the ceremony of transferring his relics to a new temple built for his reverence.
In 1478 he again arrived in Italy on the occasion of the General Chapter of Pavia. He visited the tombs of Sts. Apostles Peter and Paul in Rome. Then he went on a penitential pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
From July 1482 until January 6, 1483, Cracow was suffering a cholera epidemic. At that time Franciscan monks from the Bernardine monastery, including St. Simon, were tirelessly providing care for the sick. Fr. Simon was zealously taking care of the sick and giving them sacraments. Soon he became ill himself. With humility, bearing the suffering of illness, at the end of his life, he expressed his desire to be buried under the threshold of the church, so that everyone would step upon him.

On the sixth day of illness, July 18, 1482, he died peacefully with his eyes fixed on the Cross. After Simon's death, more than 370 miraculous healings and graces attributed to his intercession were noted; many pilgrims visited the tomb of the saint. His relics are still in Cracow's Bernardine church on Stradom near Wawel.

  • Date of birth - between 1438 and 1440, Lipnica (now LipnicaMurowana)
  • Date of death - July 18, 1482, Cracow
  • Church / religion - Roman Catholic
  • Date of beatification - February 24, 1685, Rome, by Innocent XI (Approval of worship)
  • Date of canonization - June 3, 2007, St. Peter's Square, Rome, by Benedict XVI
  • Memories - July 18th
  • Patron of Cracow and students  



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